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Organized in 2019, MoveSM started as an informal group of community members committed to supporting and advocating for safe, sustainable forms of transportation in City of San Marcos, Texas. We are homeowners and renters; businesses and individual citizens; native residents and transplants. But we all believe in a future with accessible, safe, and equatable transportation systems—focused on bike, pedestrian, and public transit—that will Move San Marcos into the twenty-first century.

Always actively looking for people to join us in advocacy, we encourage anyone interested in these issues to please email us at or fill out our Contact form here and we will get you plugged into our efforts. We aim to provide a home for like-minded folks who care about sustainable transportation in San Marcos, so please reach out! 

In 2020, MoveSM joined forces with Sustainable San Marcos, a local 501(c)3 non-profit, and today acts with the same purpose but under a common umbrella of community-wide sustainability and as a transportation-focused action committee.

Seat on public transportation
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