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Truth In Transit: A MoveSM and TXST Event

For many people, transportation is just a way to get from A to B—usually by car. But decades of research shows that, if we design our streets to prioritize walking, biking, and public transit, we can improve public health, make our economy stronger, and build a more inclusive and vibrant community. How might central Texas and San Marcos become leaders in the state by creating an urban and suburban streetscape that encourages more walking and biking? What opportunities (and obstacles) shape current policy? And how can students, faculty, and local residents collaborate to make this achievable future a reality?

These questions, and more, were the focus of "Truth In Transit," a curated conversation about non-car transit in San Marcos held in October, 2019. Special guest panelists included Alex Vogt (Coordinator of Alternative Transportation, Texas State University), Dr. Billy Fields (Associate Professor, Political Science, Texas State University), and Andrea Villalobos (City Planner for San Marcos, TXST Honors graduate, and bicycle commuter).

MoveSM is pleased to host the event recordings. In Part 1, the panelists provide introductory comments and answer a few questions. In Part 2, host Nick Williams moderates questions from the audience. In Part 3, the floor is opened, and guests are invited to the microphone to ask questions directly to the panelists.

"Truth in Transit" was co-sponsored by MoveSM, the Texas State Honors College, the Texas State Philosophy Dialogues, the Texas State Department of Geography, and the Texas State Common Experience. The event was inspired by the 2020-2021 Common Experience theme, Truth. Special thanks to the evening's host and sound recording specialist, Nick Williams.

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